Projects for corrugated polycarbonate

If you're wanting to build a sun porch, greenhouse, pavilion, or outdoor gardening structure, you probably want a transparent material that is affordable, weather-resistant, long-lasting, and simple to install. Which material satisfies each of the criteria? 

Polycarbonate sheeting is usually molded into a corrugated pattern when used for building purposes in order to strengthen the material and keep water from accumulating. The product's strength and rigidity are significantly increased by the octagonal wave's many folds.


What a beautiful garden feature this pavilion is. The polycarbonate corrugated panels let users appreciate the wide blue sky by day and spot shooting stars at night while lounging on the couch. Intimate and comfortable, the colorful pillows and sparkling lights make the lovely backyard a great spot to spend time with loved ones. The celebration doesn't have to go inside when it rains. The protected cover ensures that everyone stays dry.

Chicken Coop

You may be surprised that a chicken coop can look this good. For a chicken coop roof, polycarbonate roof panels are a great option because they let light through while filtering almost all UV radiation. The health and happiness of the chickens will benefit from this. The chicken coop looks more elegant with a contemporary touch thanks to its corrugated polycarbonate roof. 


With a cedar frame, corrugated polycarbonate sides, and a corrugated polycarbonate roof, this gorgeous greenhouse is made to last. The entire enclosure enables the gardener to regulate the interior temperature and humidity levels while allowing the ideal amount of sunshine to stream through the structure and onto the plants. Rain drips down the gable roof quickly.

Uses for corrugated polycarbonate

Siding and roofing made of corrugated polycarbonate are both possible. Although it can be used for the side walls or the roof, this is frequently utilized for both the roof and the sides of outdoor structures. For each area, let's talk about a few applications for corrugated polycarbonate.


You can use it to make a partially shaded or light-transmitting roof. This roofing is useful for outdoor gardening facilities such as greenhouses, sun porches, chicken coops, and pavilions.

Light-permeable roofing is necessary for greenhouses in order to cultivate plants within. In addition to translucent paneling, you might also want a transparent roof for your sun porch, depending on how it is designed. Corrugated polycarbonate is a great option if your sun porch requires a light-permeable roof. Corrugated polycarbonate roofs are advantageous for chicken coops. Indeed, chickens in polycarbonate houses hatch four times as many eggs on average per hen than hens in houses made of other materials, according to individuals who own them. 

Pavilions can be used to provide shade in certain situations or to block UV rays while letting in visible light in other situations. This is great material for either scenario.


Siding made of corrugated polycarbonate can be employed in projects where it's necessary for light to pass through the walls of the structure. It is useful for outdoor gardening projects such as sun porches, chicken coops, and greenhouses.

Light from all directions is necessary for plants in greenhouses. Light can enter the greenhouse through transparent corrugated polycarbonate walls, nourishing the plants throughout the day. Similar to greenhouses, sun porches are ideally suited to the fewest elements that can provide shade; siding for this reason should be translucent. This is perfect for sun porches since it lets light through while shielding the sun's damaging rays of light. The chickens will benefit from semi-transparent siding if your chicken coop has walls because it will insulate heat and let light through.